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We will sell on crowdfunding makuake japan

There is 5 purposes.

  • 1. Receive Funding
    Use Makuake as a funding platform to help your ideas become a reality.

    By posting on Makuake, you gain a chance to gather fans of your projects before general sales and/or store opening.

    3. Understand
    Makuake users are people who are interested in new products hence invests on potential products to create a win-win situation between the project director and the supporters.

    4. Create Assets
    After successful fund gathering on Makuake, it becomes your project asset. Project directors can use this result as assets to negotiate with the potential retails.

    5.Reduce Risks of Inventory
    Makuake helps you understand how big the potential market is for your project.This helps you brainstorm the right amount of products and costs to prepare.

e-commerce business for over ten years

We have been engaged in the e-commerce business for over ten years.

During this time, we have followed the transition of consumers, tastes, and trends in the Japanese market. We have enjoyed sales and numerous achievements through Rakuten, Amazon Japan, and Yahoo Shopping, all of which have served as leading e-commerce hubs in Japan for over five years.

After pre-sale marketing of crowdfunding, we made the strategic decision to move forward as resellers.


  • Exhibit your product at the Tokyo Gift Show - After crowdfunding,we will exhibit the product at the Tokyo Gift Show in Japan to promote your product at the exhibition.About 200,000 vistors(buyers)will come to this exhibition and we will connect your product to retailers in Japan.